narjes falakian

Saturday, January 16, 2021 فارسی

Name: narjes falakian
Department: Engineering
Faculty: Architecture
Academic Rank: Lecturer


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Publication Date 
ExpandThe Study of Architectural Principles Adaptable to the Humid and Temperate Climate (A Case Study of Ramsar)Narjes Falakian,Ali Falakian11/14/2011
ExpandStudy on The RelationshipBetween Architectureand MusicNarjes Falakian,Ali Falakian2/7/2013
Expand• The Study of the Building Orientation Priorities with Regard to Solar Radiation and Wind (A Case Study of Ramsar)Narjes Falakian,Ali Falakian5/6/2013
ExpandA Study on Climatic Design in Traditional Architecture of Temperate and Humid ClimateNarjes Falakian,Ali Falakian6/6/2013
ExpandStudy on the Architecture of Taj MahalNarjes Falakian,Ali Falakian7/6/2013
ExpandA Survey on Form and Figure in ArchitecturNarjes Falakian,Ali Falakian8/7/2013
ExpandStudying the Relationship between Color and ArchitectureNarjes Falakian,Ali Falakian9/8/2013
ExpandPhysical Features of Educational Environment and Architecture Students’Improvementnarjes falakian, hamze gholamali zadeh9/7/2015
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